Šikšnosparnių akustinis viliojimo prietaisas BatLure

Šikšnosparnių akustinis viliojimo prietaisas BatLure
Šikšnosparnių akustinis viliojimo prietaisas BatLure
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About this product

The BatLure is a digital ultrasonic player and speaker which can playback sounds with frequencies of up to 100kHz, making it ideal for playing bat vocalisations. It is capable of playing both real time and time expanded recordings (and will automatically recognise when calls are time expanded and play them back in real time). 

The BatLure is very compact and robust and has a tripod attachment mount, making it easy to set-up in your desired location. It plays sounds from an SD card which is supplied complete with several pre-loaded recordings. Users can also add their own recordings onto the card. Powered by 8 x AA batteries the BatLure can also be attached to an external 12V battery using the supplied cable.

The BatLure can be used:
* As a lure to improve catch rates of bats for survey or research
* To attract bats to new artificial roosts such as bat boxes or constructed hibernacula
* In the study of mating roosts via response of territorial males to played calls
* With bat detectors at training events or prior to bat walks
* For testing and calibration of bat detectors/recorders

The BatLure includes:
* BatLure 
* Carrying case with room for accessories
* External power cable for 12V power input
* SD card with pre-recorded calls
* 3-year service warranty

Recommended reading:
BatLure manual

Standard shipping for the BatLure is free within Europe. If you are based outside of Europe or you require express shipping, please contact us for a quotation. 

Please note: In the U.K. a licence is required to use a bat lure for any activity that will cause disturbance to bats. If you are uncertain about whether you require a license, please seek advice from Natural England. If you are using a Bat Lure outside of the U.K. it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct licence where required.



* Memory card: SD card, formatted in either FAT16 or FAT32. Up to 32GB supported
* Supported files: Wave (.wav), Mono/Stereo, 8/16 bit
* Output frequency: 5 – 100kHz
* DAC sampling frequency: Up to 500kHz
* Time expansion to real-time: Standard supported (switchable)
* Output power: 6W
* DAC resolution: 12 bit
* Battery operating time: > 10 hours (30% output power)
* Batteries: 8 x AA
* External DC power: 6 – 16V, < 3A peak, low impedance
* Speaker: Vifa XT25SC90-04
* User controls: On/off, volume up/down
* User feedback: Power LED, clip indicator, volume LED’s (x5)
* Size: 170 x 120 x 65mm including battery and speaker
* Housing: Black anodised aluminium
* Weight: 1000g
* Tripod mount: Female thread for mounting on standard tripod (1/4UNC, 20tpi)
* External power connector: Standard
* Suspending eye: Standard

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