Šikšnosparnių detektorius Echo Meter Touch 2 - Android

Šikšnosparnių detektorius Echo Meter Touch 2 - Android
Šikšnosparnių detektorius Echo Meter Touch 2 - Android
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Stebėk, įrašyk, identifikuok šikšnosparnius.

About this product

Please Note: The Echo Meter Touch 2 requires a micro-USB connection. Customers using devices with a USB-C connection will need to purchase an adaptor to use this product. 

The Echo Meter Touch 2 turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a state-of-the-art bat detector. This tiny device plugs directly into the micro-USB socket of your phone or tablet and, when used with the free app, will let you listen to, view, record, and identify the sounds made by the bats that you encounter. 

Detect and Identify Bats:
The Echo Meter Touch 2 listens to the sound made by bats flying nearby and, using its complex built-in algorithms, will suggest the most likely species. You can also click on each species to learn more about it. The EM Touch 2 currently covers bats found in North America, the Neotropics, U.K., Europe and South Africa.

Hear Ultrasonic Bat Sounds:
Bats use ultrasonic calls both to detect their surroundings and to communicate with eachother. These sounds are too high to be heard by the unaided human ear. The EM Touch uses a special microphone combined with software to transform this sound into a frequency that is audible. You can listen either through the speaker of your phone/tablet or using earphones. You can also view the bat call as a sonogram which is a visual representation of the sound. With some experience you will learn how to recognise the different species based on the shape of their sonograms.

Record your Calls:
The Echo Meter Touch app lets you record your calls onto your phone or tablet, giving you an exciting record of the places you have been and the bats you have heard. If your device has GPS functionality then it will also tag each call and display them on Google Maps. 

Share your Recordings:
Send your recordings to your friends or colleagues by text or email for them to view using the Echo Meter Touch app. You can even send your recordings to your PC or Mac via WiFi.

If you are a consultant or bat worker, why not take a look at the Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro?

The Echo Meter Touch 2 can only be used with compatible devices as per Wildlife Acoustics' recommended list. Please make sure you read this before purchasing a device. 

Recommended reading:
Echo Meter Touch 2 Datasheet
Echo Meter Touch 2 Manual


* Sample rate: 256 samples per second at 16 bits
* Maximum recording frequency: 128kHz
* Gain settings: 1
* Custom User Settings: Trigger minimum frequency
* Echo Meter Touch App: Free to download
* Listening modes: RTE, heterodyne, post-recording time expansion
* Recording format: 16-bit full spectrum WAV
* Species Auto-ID regions: North America, the Neotropics, UK, Europe and South Africa
* Enclosure: Rugged ABS/polycarbonate housing with an integrated acoustical horn

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