Šikšnosparnių detektorius Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro - Android

Šikšnosparnių detektorius Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro - Android
Šikšnosparnių detektorius Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro - Android
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About this product

Please Note: The Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro requires a micro-USB connection. Customers using devices with a USB-C connection will need to purchase an adaptor to use this product. 

The Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a high quality, professional bat detector. This tiny device plugs directly into the micro-USB socket of your phone or tablet and, when used with the free app, will let you listen to, view, record, and identify the sounds made by bats.  

New Ultrasonic Module:
The second generation Echo Meter Touch Pro has been designed to produce the highest quality recordings. Ultrasonic bat sounds travel through the integrated acoustical horn before arriving at the ultra-quiet microphone element. This results in a clean recording with very little background interference. With a maximum sampling rate of 384kHz, the EM Touch 2 Pro can capture sounds of up to 192kHz.

Record and Identify Bats:
The Echo Meter Touch app allows you to record bat calls directly to your phone or tablet in WAV format (16-bit). All files are tagged with GPS coordinates letting you view your recordings on Google Maps. Live sonograms can also be viewed in colour on the screen of your device. The latest Kaleidoscope Pro classifiers will suggest the most likely species for each recording, vastly reducing your analysis time. Classifiers currently cover North America, the Neotropics, U.K., Europe and South Africa.

Share and Transfer Recordings:
Recordings made with the EM Touch 2 Pro can be shared with your colleagues by text or email, and you can transfer all of your files directly to your PC or Mac via WiFi. 

Advanced Settings:
Choose from a sample rate of 256kHz or 384kH and control the recording amplitude by selecting from three gain settings. Trigger length, trigger window, trigger sensitivity and auto-trigger time can also be adjusted, as well as the audio division ratio for RTE, heterodyne and time expansion listening modes. Nightly sessions mode and real-time ID can be turned on and off as required.

Are you a beginner to bat detecting or looking for a detector for your students? Why not take a look at the Echo Meter Touch 2?

The Echo Meter Touch 2 can only be used with compatible devices as per Wildlife Acoustics' recommended list. Please make sure you read this before purchasing a device.

Recommended reading:
Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro Datasheet



* Sample rate: 256k or 384k samples per second at 16 bits
* Maximum recording frequency: 192kHz
* Gain settings: 3 (selectable)
* Echo Meter Touch App: Free to download
* Species auto-ID regions: North America, the Neotropics, UK, Europe and South Africa
* Enclosure: Rugged ABS/polycarbonate housing with an integrated acoustical horn

Custom user settings:
* Selectable sample rate (256k or 384k samples per second)
* Audio division ratio for RTE, HET and TE
* Real-time ID (on/off)
* Nightly sessions mode (on/off)
* Real-time ID (on/off)
* Auto-ID sensitivity
* Save noise files (on/off)
* Maximum trigger length
* Trigger window
* Trigger sensitivity
* Trigger minimum frequency

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